What Would Jane Austen’s Books be Like if her Characters did Yoga?

You can actually buy these cards on Etsy! Click on the card to go to the Etsy page. Is there a place for pride and prejudice in yoga? How about sense and sensibility? I teach a special yoga class that is a beguiling journey through everyone’s favourite Jane Austen novels, but what would life have been like in the Regency era if they did yoga? Obviously, it would have been difficult to do Yoga wearing Regency attire, but could it have changed their lives? I know not many people may have pondered this (!), but bear with me… 1. For a READ MORE

Five Reasons to Make Yoga Your New Year’s Resolution

When it comes to the start of the new year, making yoga a new year’s resolution is a good move. These are the reasons why… 1. Creating a healthy new habitStart the year off how you wish to continue. Research suggests it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Spend the first 21 days of the year doing sun salutations when you wake, and see the difference it makes to your life.When you’ve done yoga consistently for a while, you notice that a delicious calm comes, and doesn’t just last for the length of a yoga class; it stays. READ MORE

How Yoga can Help Writers

I spent many years as a journalist so I know firsthand that writing can be tough on the body. We often spend long hours at the computer or hunched over with a notepad and pen, with little thought to how that might affect our posture, or even hurt later. (Too much focus on finishing the task, or the deadline!) Then when you do feel sore it’s difficult to get back to writing. It can really get in the way, actually. Hands up writers if you have tight shoulders or neck issues, lower back pain, tight psoas/hip flexors or rounded shoulders? READ MORE