What Would Jane Austen’s Books be Like if her Characters did Yoga?

Jane Austen Yoga

Is there a place for pride and prejudice in yoga? How about sense and sensibility?

I teach a special yoga class that is a beguiling journey through everyone’s favourite Jane Austen novels, but what would life have been like in the Regency era if they did yoga? Obviously, it would have been difficult to do Yoga wearing Regency attire, but could it have changed their lives?

I know not many people may have pondered this (!), but bear with me…

1. For a start, there wouldn’t be any prejudice if they let go of judgment of others, and didn’t care about what others thought of them.

2. We are all equal. No one is better than anyone else. Yes, we’re looking at you EMMA!

3. They would let go of striving … for a husband, for a husband with a fortune, for everyone’s good opinion, and just be happy in the moment.

4. They would connect to their true selves and trust their intuition and heart, instead of the opinions of others.

Jane Austen Yoga
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