This 50-minute class can be offered to your class via Zoom, or existing enterprise video conferencing software such as WebEx, or in-person at your offices/location. Recommended times include before work, lunchtime and straight after work. This class is modified for the people who attend, with lots of options given.

Yoga in a Chair

Offering yoga to your staff might not be enough. Often the people who need it the most won't do it. They might not feel flexible enough. They might feel like they can't 'do' yoga. Some people just aren't keen to do 'yoga' based on what they've heard. The most stressed among your staff will not feel like they have enough time to do a 1-hour class. Read more...


The benefits of mindfulness are many. Research has shown mindfulness can increase productivity in the workplace, as well as decrease stress and create optimal wellness. 42 Yoga offers various mindfulness and meditation sessions.