BOOK: Ursula the Roly Poly Unicorn: A Yoga-For-Kids Adventure about Self-Esteem and Loving Yourself Just as You Are

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The following disclaimer is intended to provide important guidance and information to readers of this resource book and Ursula the Roly Poly Unicorn (“the yoga storybook”). It is essential to understand the limitations of the books and seek appropriate professional assistance when needed. The information and content provided in the yoga storybook are meant for educational and general informational purposes. The book aims to introduce children to the concepts of self-esteem and self-love in a creative and accessible way.

The intention of the yoga storybook is to introduce and stimulate positive emotional development in children and to facilitate open conversations about self-esteem and self-love.

Consult a Qualified Mental Health Professional

While the yoga storybook has been thoughtfully created by a qualified yoga teacher in collaboration with a qualified early years teaching professional, it is crucial to acknowledge that the book is not a substitute for professional psychological or therapeutic intervention.

Should you or your child require specific and personalized support for emotional or psychological issues, including self-esteem and self-acceptance, it is strongly recommended to consult a qualified psychologist or mental health professional who can provide expert guidance tailored to individual needs.

Caregiver readers/users of this resource book and the yoga storybook are encouraged to make informed decisions regarding the child’s mental and emotional well-being. If you have concerns about your child’s self-esteem or self-love, consult with professionals who can provide appropriate guidance and support.

While the yoga storybook can be a helpful resource for introducing children to concepts related to self-esteem and self-love, it is essential to recognize its limitations and seek professional guidance when dealing with complex psychological or emotional issues. The well-being and mental health of children should always be a top priority, and qualified professionals are the best resources for addressing such concerns.

The yoga storybook and this resource book do not offer diagnosis or treatment for psychological conditions. They are not a replacement for a comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment plan provided by a qualified psychologist or mental health expert.

Parental Responsibility

Parents, caregivers, and guardians play a crucial role in understanding and addressing the specific needs of their children. The book can be a valuable tool for fostering self-esteem and self-love, but parental involvement and open communication with children are equally vital.

Use of the Yoga Storybook

By using the book, readers acknowledge that they do so at their own discretion. The authors, creators, and publishers of the book assume no responsibility for any decisions or actions taken as a result of the book’s content.

About Ursula the Roly Poly Unicorn

Ursula the Roly Poly Unicorn is a Yoga-For-Kids Adventure storybook intended to help children develop strong self-esteem, with this story and yoga as positive and empowering tools.
Good for children aged around 4 to 8 years, this book aims to encourage children to believe in themselves, confront challenges and do hard things, embrace individuality, and cultivate self-love and compassion.
Read the story with a child or children and follow along with the yoga poses.

About the Author

Suze Male has carried a passion for stories throughout her life, first as a journalist for celebrity magazines, then later as a book author, publisher and writer, and always as a voracious reader.

She is an empath with an enormous well of compassion for people, humanity and the earth. Her mum’s death in 2013 sent her on a big journey of healing and transformation, which began with training as a yoga teacher. After extensive training in Bali and India, she is now a 500-hour-certified and registered yoga and children’s yoga teacher and she has been teaching since 2015.

She is now combining her passions of storytelling and the spiritual journey, with her desire help people by writing (more) books.

Today, Suze runs yoga special events, workshops, and nature immersions, with the aim of guiding both children and adults along on their paths to self-discovery, healing and well-being. She shares a unique blend of storytelling and compassion, and incorporates the ancient wisdom and truth she has received. Suze seeks to inspire others to live authentically, connect to true Self, awaken, heal, and find harmony in an ever-changing world.

Ursula the Roly Poly Unicorn is a Yoga-for-Kids Adventure about self-esteem and self-love. The book has been designed for use in kids’ yoga classes, libraries and the classroom, or just one-on-one at home. Here, you will find extra information and resources.


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