Meditation Sessions


Participants will learn about the benefits of mindfulness and the importance of self-compassion. They will learn short mindfulness practices and how to make them part of even the busiest day. Includes two short and three longer mindfulness meditations 1-hour session. (Half-an-hour and 45-minute sessions available).
Two-part series available.


Participants will learn and practise the five fundamental elements of meditation. This session includes two longer meditations.
Half-an-hour and 45-minute sessions available


Discover the happiness button! This session is all about taking control of your own happiness. Participants will learn how to combat anxiety and fear with science-backed methods. They will practise gratitude and learn how to include it in day-to-day life. Proven to improve levels of happiness and wellbeing!
Includes two longer meditations
Half-an-hour and 45-minute sessions available