Why Workers Need to Do Yoga in their Office Chair

Corporate and Office Yoga Classes

Offering yoga classes to staff or workers might not be enough. Often the people who need it the most won’t do it. They might not feel flexible enough. They might feel like they can’t ‘do’ yoga. Some people just aren’t keen to do ‘yoga’ based on what they’ve heard.

The most stressed will not feel like they have enough time to do a 1-hour class, or even enough time to get changed into Yoga gear. Those are the people who eat at their desk and talk constantly about how much they have to do. Yet these are the people who need it the most. Their productivity will be suffering as a result of the chronic stress, not to mention their health. They might even need to take stress or sick leave.

42 Yoga offers a class where there is no need for tracksuit pants or Yoga gear. All the Yoga poses in this class can be done in the office chair.

This presentation teaches people how to integrate stress-relieving habits into their work lives. It includes practical simple things they can do with limited time, in the midst of a stressful day or project, and they are things that have very tangible effects. They actually work!

The session includes breathing exercises, easy physical movement that can be done in a chair, and teaches quick and accessible mindfulness practices/meditations that can be done anywhere, anytime.