A New-Year Message from the Dragonfly

A batik I created in Bali featuring a dragonfly

Wondering about the spiritual significance of the dragonfly? Perhaps you are like me and have been seeing dragonflies as the new year dawns. The dragonfly has been looming large for me as the new year begins. I saw them flying around my courtyard and garden on New Year’s Day and January 2nd, and on January 2nd, they appeared randomly in Oracle cards. 

Whether you have been seeing them or not, I feel like the dragonfly has a message for all of us as the new year begins, and we leave (a difficult) year behind. The dragonfly’s message is EMERGENCE. Like the dragonfly, which emerges from its former nymph form and takes on the radiant form of the adult dragonfly, we emerge transformed into the next cycle of life. The dragonfly symbolises inevitable transformation with a renewed sense of power and purpose. So we look to the new year and expect powerful and dramatic changes.

The dragonfly emergence card I drew from the Earth Magic oracle deck says a shift in awareness is happening quite rapidly. “Life is demanding that you move into the next stage of maturity… It calls for you to shed yet another layer of your ego-filled defences and let go of any illusions of being less than who you are.”

Expect “broadened consciousness and heightened perceptual capacities”. Surrender to the flow of awakening.

A Yoga Pose to Practise

The Yin Yoga pose the Dragonfly

Yin Yoga pose Dragonfly

Soften all of the muscles. Find your edge and don’t move past it, or force anything. Find a stillness. 
If it is too much to sit this way, try sitting on the bolster and perhaps having a bend in the knees. You can support the knees by placing folded blankets or cushions underneath them. Stay tall if you need. Only fold forward if the lower back can stay straight. 
Hold for three to ten minutes.
To come out of the pose bend the knees, bring the feet flat to the floor in front of you with the knees bent, and then send the knees from side to side like windscreen wipers. Straighten the legs and shake them out.

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