Ursula the Roly Poly Unicorn A Yoga for Kids Adventure Signed Paperback



The story of Ursula the Roly Poly Unicorn is a Yoga-For-Kids Adventure intended to help children develop strong self-esteem using this book and yoga as positive and empowering tools.

This book uses yoga and storytelling with the aim of building self-esteem and emotional awareness in children and improving their emotional wellbeing.

The story is designed to engage children and show them they can try new things, face challenges, and bounce back in the face of disappointment. Ursula shows them they can be strong, adventurous, and curious. Ultimately, she shows them they don’t need to be like anyone else; they only need to be themselves. She shows them they can believe in themselves and love themselves just as they are.

Meet Ursula.
Ursula doesn’t like herself and feels different to everyone else. She doesn’t even know any other unicorns. She wants to travel around the world to look for other roly poly unicorns, but she is scared and she doesn’t think she can do it.

Children are invited to travel with Ursula, helping her feel brave enough to fly across the world, using yoga. Each page has a yoga pose children can do as they follow the story and travel with Ursula. Together they visit precious endangered species and discover that being uniquely YOU is the most precious treasure of all.

Suze Male has carried a passion for stories throughout her life, first as a journalist for celebrity magazines, then later as a book author, publisher and writer, and always as a big reader.

She is an empath with an enormous well of compassion for people, humanity and the earth. Her mum’s death in 2013 sent her on a big journey of healing and transformation, which began with training as a yoga teacher. After extensive training in Bali, India and Australia, she is now a 500-hour-certified and registered yoga and children’s yoga teacher and she has been teaching since 2015.

She is now combining her passions of storytelling and the spiritual journey with her desire to help people by writing (more) books.

Today, Suze runs yoga special events, workshops, and nature immersions, with the aim of guiding both children and adults along on their paths to self-discovery and well-being. She shares a unique blend of storytelling and compassion, and incorporates the ancient wisdom and truth she has uncovered. With her words and teachings, Suze seeks to inspire others to live authentically, explore their inner landscapes, transform and find harmony in an ever-changing world.