Ursula Yoga Storybook: Precious Endangered Northern White Rhinos Update

In my yoga storybook Ursula the Roly Poly Unicorn, Ursula visits precious endangered species across the world on a quest to find (and love) herself. When she visits the Northern White Rhino in Kenya, she discovers she is a lot like them.

There are only two Northern white rhinos left in the world now and they are both females. The last remaining male passed away in 2018, leaving the two females to be cared for at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya.

That might sound like the future is extinction for the Northern White Rhino, but an international team of scientists and conservationists has been successful in creating embryos using thawed semen from a deceased Northern White Rhino male. (The plan is to implant embryos into a surrogate Southern White Rhino.) So, there is hope for the future of the Northern White Rhino.

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