The Yoga Cat at Number 42

If you have done any of my online yoga classes during the Covid-19 lockdowns, you will be acquainted with my very curious, attention-seeking Singapura cat Ditto (A.K.A The Ditz).

He likes to climb on me at any opportunity, lie underneath a downward dog or chatauranga, reach up to tap me with a paw, and stick his backside in the air for a back scratch. If all else fails, he’ll bite an ankle or an arm and I’ll have to take a moment to put him in another room (where he will invariably meow loudly and bang on the door). Even though he’s almost 15 (human) years old, he’s still as cheeky, demanding and full of life as ever.

If there’s a lit candle, he’ll sniff it, even though he’s discovered it’s hot on a previous occasion. If there’s a chair for chair yoga, he’ll sit on it. If there’s something he can knock over, he’s right there.

Quite often he has made me laugh while teaching. Some people only log on to see the Ditz!