Embrace the Change!

Menopause is a strange beast in Western society. If we talk about it at all, we are complaining to each other … mostly about the hot flushes.

We have learned to dread menopause, to see it as the end of womanhood, and to feel like it’s out of our control.

As we get older in a culture that values youth and external ‘beauty’, we can feel invisible, ignored, not respected, and cast aside.

Australian Aboriginal traditional culture celebrates the woman as she reaches menopause. She has become wise. It’s a positive time in her life. This is a much better approach!

One of the ways we can use Yoga to move through this time of life is to change our perspective and look at menopause in a more positive light. Here I’ll share yoga poses, breathing practices, and meditation designed (and proven) to improve the symptomatic experience of menopause, but in the Yoga practice we can spend time changing our attitude towards the change, embracing it, and cultivating self-compassion, and empathy for others who are in this perimenopausal time too.

Women deserve to be celebrated as they get older and gather wisdom. It’s not about withdrawing, but standing strong and tall, celebrating all we have become, and being all we can be.

Embrace the change with me!