If You Only Do One Yoga Pose in 2017 Do This One

I often say in yoga class that this pose is like magic. It’s not a fancy pants pose. You won’t see impossibly bendy people doing it on Instagram . It’s yoga for every body, with a plethora of benefits.

So if you only do one yoga pose in 2017 then I recommend you do this one.

Viparita Karani
Legs up the wall. That’s it.

Me getting my #legsupthewall. #legsupthewallproject

You can do it anywhere. Wear whatever you like. In your office at work, on your bed, outside, inside. Any wall, pretty much anywhere.

You can even do this pose when you’re low energy or tired (in fact it’s great at these times). It’s restorative and relaxing. There’s no conquering of the pose – the only ‘work’ we have to do is get there.

Get into the pose by sitting side on to the wall with one hip as close to the wall as possible then lie down swinging the legs up the wall and simultaneously bringing the back flat to the floor.

Maximise this pose by combining it with focus on the breath and slow, deep rhythmic breathing.

Ideally, practise for 10-15 minutes, but if you don’t have that much time, just do it for 1-2 minutes and still get benefits.

Now, the lowdown on the magic…

1. It helps you sleep
2. It relieves stress and anxiety (calming for the nervous system)
3. It alleviates headaches
4. It relieves lower back pain
5. It relieves PMS/PMT (particularly menstrual cramps and also see 2.)
6. It relieves swollen ankles and varicose veins
7. If you’ve been standing a lot, it relieves tired feet/legs
8. It regulates blood pressure/blood flow
9. It stretches the back of the neck, front of the body and back of the legs
10. It improves digestion
11. It enhances the immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system, enabling the lymph to move around the body removing toxins.

Note: Don’t do this pose if you have:
– Glaucoma
– Hypertension (If you are on medication) Consult your doctor
– Hernia

Take part in the 42yoga #legsupthewall project. Take a photo of yourself doing legs up the wall and upload to Instagram. Join me! Tag it #legsupthewallproject and #42yoga. Show everyone yoga is for every body!

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